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Music Carousel

Play Your Own Music!

Suitable for 4 yrs+

Play 5 instruments in this Christmas:

Violin, Flute, Trumpet, Clarinet, Saxophone



樂器: 小提琴+長笛+小號+單簧管+色士風

In this designed program, we give your children an introductory course to each of the five western instruments which they can try and play around with. By teaching them how each of them works and how to make a sound, they would know how to distinguish the sound of every instrument. With our specially designed program and our knowledge to the instruments, we hope to share with you which instrument you kid is suitable to play at the end of this course.


What you’ll get:

  1. Your child can try and play around with 5 instruments

  2. Your child can distinguish each instrument’s sound

  3. Find out which instrument is the best fit for your child


Fee: $1500 (with $200 cash coupon)


Date and Time : 24 - 28 Dec 2018; 2-3pm



以輕鬆的手法, 透過生動的講解, 讓小朋友近距離接觸, 親身試玩五種不同的樂器, 以掌握不同樂器的外貌, 音色, 結構。我們的導師會以貼身的觀察, 加上我們多年的教學經驗, 希望為你選出最適合你小朋友學習的樂器。


1. 讓小朋友近距離接觸, 親身試玩五種不同的樂器

2. 以了解不同樂器的外貌、音色、結構

3. 選出最適合你小朋友學習的樂器

價錢: $1500 (送$200 現金券)

日期/時間 : 12 月 24  – 28 日 ; 2-3:00pm

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